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brandInternal doors – a significant element of modern interior. Glass panels and invisible glass doors will emphasize progressive style of space; veneer or heartwood doors will add comfort and solidity. You are sure not to exceed pre-arranged budget if you use midrange doors. But if your means allow you can give your attention to Italian elite doors especially ones made of precious woods. Entrance doors require a different approach where durability and reliability are especially important. Metal doors fully have all these characteristics. Moreover, fire-prevention species are worthy of attention.

We can offer the following kinds of doors: Italian radius doors, glass doors, heartwood doors, veneer doors, doors made of precious woods, elite doors, entrance doors, metal doors, fire-prevention doors, horizontal sliding doors. 

Academy of interior carries out direct deliveries of proposed Italian products to any countries of Europe, Asia and America. 
Additional discounts up to 30% for citizens of CIS, United Arab Emirates, America and Great Britain.

We do not only sell  Italian internal doors, we can offer our customers in case of placing an order with us a full package of services – from measurement of doors to their delivery and turnkey installation by our company experienced masters. You may take doors on your own from our storehouse or you may place an order for delivery with us.

We can offer the following kinds of furniture: Italian furniture, furniture for children, upholstered bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, halls, wardrobes.

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